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It’s time we have this conversation

Maybe you have not seen the “Access Hollywood” video and maybe your children are not talking about what was said in it by a U.S. Presidential nominee. Maybe you talk with your friends about how it affects women when someone yells obscene words on the street or talks about their body parts as if there were not a face and an intelligent dynamic person attached to them. Maybe you talk to your parents or your spouse or the police if someone looked at you or followed you or made you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, even if you feel compelled to minimize it by saying “it was so weird, it happened so fast, or I’m not sure what happened,” even though you know it was something wrong. Maybe the young people in this country are educated about how to intervene if they hear or see someone being sexually harassed. Maybe your family knows that they will always be listened to if they report sexual harassment or assault. Maybe no one will try to say that it was less horrible than it was or too difficult to prove. Maybe everyone has an equal chance of having a judge rule on the side of truth and give an appropriate sentence that fits the crime of sexual violence.

Maybe you understand what sexual assault is and maybe everyone understands that it is not about sexual desire. Maybe we do.

But if we don’t, isn’t it time we had this conversation?