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150 Cardboard Boxes and a Side of Chagrin

It is not for lack of material that I have not written, as this month has had adventures and comic tragedies uncommon to my everyday life. One of the greatest of changes finally happened, we moved. I suppose death, birth and marriage are greater, but moving holds it own heft in boxes and back pain so I think it measures up near those more emotionally significant life amendments. I have written previously that we were looking for the Goldilocks Zone on earth and while that treasure hunt is perhaps too celestial in nature for our humble existence, we have found a middle ground; the comfortable bed, the right sized chair. In our case it meant finding the small town near a medium sized one and still close enough to a city to avail ourselves easily to its services without being under the foot of its noise and traffic. It meant finding the right price and the right size and the best neighbors. We found a snug, square and adaptable little apartment in a one stop light town and it suits us just right.

We have moved to a friendlier province, though how friendly will be determined over the long-term relationships rather than simply on the niceties of a warm welcome. Amidst the appreciation for the subtle joys of living in a small town we also had the shock to find that a few deals were too good to be true, including the initial offer of a job for my other half. It turned out that the work would not be available for another few months and the in-the-meantime work was too little and too far from home. This was the hesitancy mode, the moments we looked at the boxes and imagined returning the moving truck. We had come too far in our minds to turn back though, so we plunged forward. Then another surprise came as we were stepping out the door of one place and into a new apartment with no heat or electricity, as if they were not expecting us so soon. We waited 4 cold nights, one extended night in our old place, one toughing it out in a freezing apartment on a Canadian November night under many blankets, and 2 in a motel. The cats hardly complained while I worried they would run out of oxygen in the windowless but warmer bathroom. Shifting around and unpacking the boxes and washing everything down in cold water ripped our hands into numb shreds but kept our bodies warm with the work of it. I can be calm about it now in my temperate repose, but for the weeks before and after the move it also meant the grating of our nerves and tensions heated us as much as the calisthenics.

We have since then been playing tug-of-war with various government agencies to update licenses, car insurance and to connect our phone and internet. The phone is not yet working, but the internet was connected yesterday. Yippy! We had our first moderate snow of about 6 inches and I shoveled the driveway mostly pleasurably. Flurries are frequent these days, but of little accumulation. The cold has certainly set in and although a great round tree across the street hung on valiantly to its leaves when we first arrived, a fierce frozen wind storm blew most of those down in one night and winter is here for sure.

Hubby has since found work and it looks to be a better situation than any other that was available here. The walls are decked with our various collected art works and books are lining the shelves. Slippers are not hung, but instead worn as necessity while sipping tea or coffee. We are content, at least in the living atmosphere and the rest will follow.

We are grateful for all that we have been given, even the chagrin following our missteps along the way, they are lessons and inspirations to be more patient or more prepared at least, to be called into action at the worst.

Cheers to falling snow and a cozy home,
cheers to good food and family, however distant,
and wishes of love, peace and light to all on this (U.S.)Thanksgiving Day.